MY STORY HOTELS is more than a hotel chain. Besides the factors of convenience (inherent in its central location), quality and comfort (above the average for the category according to the many who visit us) and the price, the MY STORY HOTELS have something more to offer: the possibility of experiencing your tourist, leisure or even business destination as if you were part of it, of living the local culture intensely, of creating and adding your own story to the history of this place – My Story, Your Story.

More than offering a stay, MY STORY HOTELS offer a genuine experience that result from a personalised service, the presence of details that frame and convey the history of the place and the proximity to the centre where history did, does and will always take place.

Directed especially towards City Breaks, the MY STORY HOTELS are mainly intended for international tourists seeking everything that characterizes a 3 and 4 star hotel (excellent location, unparalleled comfort and a highly competitive price), but who seek something more: to live and experience intensely the place where they are staying, to find a close and personalised service that makes every one of our hotels your vacation home, being surprised by small details, finding a personal touch - and especially - in the environment that surrounds it. More than a tourist, you are a traveller. Even on the shortest trips.


At MY STORY HOTELS, we believe that the best way to know a place is by being near to it and part of it. And we believe that all our guests should feel more than welcomed, truly embraced by the destination they are visiting, starting with the hotel where they chose to stay.


The MY STORY HOTELS allow you to discover and feel the history of where you are staying and at the same time, to create and live your own stories intensely. Instead of a designed stay, we want you to enjoy a personal, intense, authentic and memorable experience!

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